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Grounds services are provided through a hybrid method which consists of internal employees (utility employee) and third party contractors who manage landscaping; tree maintenance; hardscapes (roadways, walkways, parking lots) and winter operations. 

Key Functions of Utility Worker:
  • Inspect and maintain roadways, parking lots and sidewalks 
  • Snow removal and winter operations
  • Resource for campus moves that are not project related
  • Athletic field maintenance, practice preparation such as line painting and game day set up
  • Building deliveries such as tables, chairs and grills
  • Small office moves and furniture delivery
  • Vehicle management of all University owned vehicles including inspections and coordinating repairs
  • Management of third party landscaping maintenance
  • Labor resource for performing floor care and furniture relocation in the summer months
  • Tree maintenance providing emergency, preventative and routine services
  • Manage snow removal at ISC
  • Provides auxiliary services for all other departments 

Any of the above services can be requested
 by contacting Colonial Central
at 412-397-4343

Grounds Services by the #'s:
  • 90 acres of turf and planting beds
  • 5 natural turf athletic fields totaling 11.1 acres
  • 2 synthetic athletic fields totaling 4.2 acres
  • 6 irrigation systems
  • 5 miles of roadway and curbs
  • 27 parking lots totaling 29.7 acres
  • 2,891 parking spaces
  • 1,136 steps
  • 3.1 miles of walkway
  • 3.5 acres of sports surface (tennis courts/running track)