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This location is managed sustainably because of:

Air Quality & Health

  • Use mats, rugs & grates at building entrances to manage particulates
  • Implement a pest-management plan to reduce or eliminate sources of food, water & shelter
  • Measure internal humidity in at least 50% of our space
  • Provide shading devices or tinted windows to control sunlight
  • Use certified environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Use only low-VOC interior paints
  • Maintain and clean our HVAC three times per the calendar year
  • Optimize our indoor air system with filters rated MERV 8 or greater
  • Optimize our indoor air system with the use of economizers, air handling units, etc
  • Have daylight accessible to at least 75+% of our occupants


  • Offset our grid consumption through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) 
  •  Have wrapped and/or insulated ductwork
  • Have insulated roof & walls, defined by values R-19 or greater
  • Initiated a third-party energy audit
  • Initiated a re-commissioning plan for the HVAC system to more energy efficiencies
  • Have common area lighting on automatic timers & occupancy sensors
  • Have individual temperature controls for at least 50% of our occupants
  • Implemented and maintain specific “occupied” & “unoccupied” set-points for the entire building
  • Implemented building HVAC system schedules to reduce energy usage during unoccupied times
  • Use a high-efficiency boiler or hot-water system
  • Have the policy to phase all incandescent lighting to CFL, LED or better


  • Have a system to capture rainwater and/or greywater
  • Control rainwater and/or greywater prior to its disbursement into the watershed
  •  Incorporate native plant species & perennials onsite, to reduce irrigation use
  • Meter our landscape irrigation
  • Use high-efficiency toilet flushing mechanisms
  • Have low-flow and/or faucet fixtures in 100% of common areas
  •  Use low-flow faucet and/or showerhead fixtures in 100% of common areas 
  • Use motion-sensor faucets & fixtures in 100% of common areas (kitchens are exempt)
  • Use motion-sensor paper towel dispensers and/or hands-free, energy efficient dryers