Joe Walton Stadium Sewall Center Barry Center/Public Safety Revere Center Patrick Henry Center Nicholson Center Jefferson Center Hale Center John Jay Center Benjamin Rush Center Wheatley Center Lafayette Center Massey Hall School of Business Washington Hall Rooney House Alumni House Media Arts House Madison Hall Monroe Hall Adams Hall Gallatin Hall Hancock Hall Hamilton Hall Ross Hall Marshall Hall Salem Hall Lexington Hall Concord Hall

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Below is a list of buildings currently owned by Robert Morris University, organized by type of facility:


Benjamin Rush Center
Franklin Center
Hale Center
John Jay Center
Massey Hall
Patrick Henry Center
Rooney Visiting Scholar House
School of Business
Snee-Reinhardt Media Arts House
Wheatley Center - School of Communications & Information Systems
School of Nursing and Health Sciences


Barry Center
Facilities Service Center
Lafayette Center
Maintenance Storage
Revere Center


Island Sports Center - Golf Dome
Island Sports Center - Ice Arena
Joe Walton Stadium
North Athletic Complex - Pavilion
Scoreboard Building
Sewall Center
Softball Press Box

Adams Hall
Braddock Hall
Concord Hall
Gallatin Hall
Hamilton Hall
Hancock Hall
Lexington Hall
Madison Hall
Marshall Hall
Monroe Hall
Ross Hall
Salem Hall
Washington Hall
Yorktown Hall


Jefferson Center
Melvin D. Teetz House
Nicholson Center
Rogal Family Chapel

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